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  • How many categories can I enter?
    You can submit your best 10 entries per category but only 2 variations of the same content (ie: only two similar photos of the same flower)
  • How many entries can I submit per category?
    You can submit your best 10 entries per category.
  • What are the prizes?
    Our prize sponsors decide the prizes each year and it can be a wide range of items which may include binoculars, cameras and art supplies. You can learn more about the prizes by visiting our prizes page.
  • I uploaded my entry but I don’t see it on the website?
    Entries are reviewed by our team before they are published on our website. This review process can take a few business days depending on the volume of entries that are submitted. We appreciate your patience during the review process.
  • Is your website safe for youth?
    Yes! All content is reviewed before it is published on the website. All personal information goes to a cloud for storage and is not released to the public.
  • If I am entering in the art contest, does the drawing have to be realistic or cartoon?"
    You can upload any drawing as long as they are nature inspired, or nature- themed. Just make sure it is your own work of art, not copied or digitally enhanced.
  • What if my entry doesn't belong to a location specific Gallery? (e.g. New Jersey)
    If your entry doesn't get filtered into a location specific Gallery it will go into a contest category (e.g. Art, Photography etc.).
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