Educational Resources

Take advantage of these 'grab and go' educational resources for your family or classroom. 

Elk Colour Species Sheet

Art in the Park.jpg


Take your class outside and learn about wildlife in the park.  


Bird Songs

Brush up on your knowledge of different bird species with this fun filled activity.  

Elk Herd Grazing

Elk Drawing

Do you know how to colour an Elk? Try out this activity!  

At home sand castle

Create a sand castle work of art at home with this quick how to guide.  


Camera Safari

To allow children to explore nature through a camera lens. Teachers can use the idea of a “safari” to adapt this lesson plan to incorporate other science, drama, writing, or art activities as you see fit. 


Craft Bird Creations

People often sketch, paint, or mold birds from their natural habitat if they can overcome the problem of the birds being flighty. In this activity, children learn about pyrography and wood burning as an art form. 

Motion Ocean

Water is denser than oil. Plus, the two liquids never mix. So when the water moves, it pushes the oil
around, making shapes like waves.


Driftwood Frames

Children will learn to think outside of the box in order to understand how to re-use items in fun and functional ways



In this activity, youth etch natural surfaces (leaves, rocks, twigs, pine cones, etc.) on paper and foil. Each participant took home their etchings & rubbings.


Fall Leaves Light Globe

Children will collect Fall leaves and preserve them by creating a leaf shell over top of a balloon. The end product will be a beautiful globe that can be hung
over top of lights to make a lantern/lamp.

Hiking Boots

Fallen log

In this activity, kids will gain an understanding of how decomposition takes place and a better appreciation for micro habitats and communities.

Pack of Fish

Fish Habitat Mobile

To explore the habitats of fish species in Canada and
reproduce those habitats in the form of a mobile.

For this lesson, we’ve selected Northern Pike and
Pumpkinseed as examples.


Get to Know Birds

This activity is designed to introduce young people
to native birds, and to help them develop a personal
connection with them.

Photo credit: Dennis K. (Age 16) 

Get to Know Contestant


Get to Know Insects

In this activity, your students will have an opportunity to hunt for live insects in different places. For this activity, it is not important that your students learn the proper classification and names of the insects they find. Rather, the intent is to show them that
insects are everywhere, that they are diverse and exquisitely complex, and that they have interesting lifestyles and behaviours.


Get to Know Mammals

Mammals are a familiar group of animals with unique characteristics that separate them from all other types of animal found on Earth. For example, mammals are warm-blooded, breathe air through lungs, and nurse their young with milk produced by mammary glands.

Wild Mushrooms

Growing fungus

Experiment with temperature, moisture and light, then record your findings on this printable activity sheet. Use the activity sheet provided.


Ice mandalas

Winter may be cold and harsh, but it is also beautiful. Accentuate the winter weather by creating unique hanging ice mandalas to put up outside at your school. See what each student can create!


Leaf impressions

Create leaf prints without pigment by using only a few simple materials. A fun and simple art project.

Image by Salmen Bejaoui

Lost ants

Ants, like spiders, rodents, and humans, keep track of
where they are, where they’re going, and how to get
there. They remember the turns they take, as well as
the uphills and downhills, as they cross an area.

Image by russn_fckr

Nature and Van Gogh

Students should be able to develop critical and creative thinking skills, learn how to look closely and respond to questions making comparisons between art and nature

Image by Matteo Bernardis

Nature Documentaries

Listed in this activity are 10 great Nature Documentaries that children and adults a like will love. They are
educational and fun to watch.