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What is a BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz is a short (usually one-day), intense team effort to discover as many different life forms as possible in one location. This often involves researchers and the general public working together to identify as many species as possible in a 24 hour period. The Get to Know BioBlitz puts a fun new spin on this concept, by offering short, youth-focused events that are all about connecting with nature through cool art activities developed in consultation with iconic artist and naturalist Robert Bateman. Youth of all ages are invited to join biologists, park interpreters and naturalists as they learn the names of plants and animals around them and take part in the unique activities organized at each BioBlitz location. Depending on where they live, youth might get a chance to try their hand at species identification, photography, wildlife sketching, writing about nature, or the discovery of the natural history of their area. No two BioBlitzes will be the same, as each one will be a reflection of the local environment.

BioBlitz Photos

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