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2024 Winners Gallery

Penguins in the Northern Lights (1).jpg
Penguins in the Northern Lights

Amelie S.  (Age 8)
The Duck

Monica D. (Age 10)
Ball of Realization.jpeg
The Floating Ball of Realization

Audrey Y. (Age 13)
QiQI the Dolphin

Flora Y. (Age 15)
Tree of Life

Flora Y.  (Age 15)
Spring is here

Olivia G. (Age 12)

The luscious motionless tree, as old as it could be, with desperate swinging hands, for its joyful polished leaves, It sways like seesaws at the park, of hands assigned to conductor’s art, where every wave, the instruments play the whispers of the hushing tree.

Orchestral Branch

Tiana K.(Age  17)
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