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2023 Winners Gallery

Hoar Frost at Dawn

Mikaela W.  (Age 12)
A reflection of Mount Peter and Mount Paul

Clara V. (Age 15)

Allison L. (Age 16)
IMG_1134_Original 2.jpg
Earth on Fire

Cynthia W. (Age  17)
Penguin Colony

Awak M. (Age  9)

Ryan  L. (Age 10) 
Fennec Foxes

Parisa X. (Age 14)

Rylan I. (Age 9) 

The wind pushes around the branches,
Cherry blossom petals slowly fall,
Like little butterflies.

The beautiful soft light pink petals,
Finally reach the ground.
Just to get stirred up once more,
By the unforgiving wind.

They are swept back up into the sky,
Going higher,
Until they disappear.

Where they will go?
No one knows.

Maybe they went to visit the cotton candy clouds.
Maybe they flew across the world to a place without cherry blossoms.
Maybe they went to visit their friends in Japan.
Maybe they were carried by the breeze for a little and then dropped back down.

Oh, little cherry blossom petals,
Where are you now?

Golden Sunset on Victoria's Hillside

Luke C. (Age 14 )
Ladys Flower.jpg
Ladybug on flower petal

Lucy B.  (Age 7)
Red-Headed Woodpecker

Jesi F. (Age 16)
IMG_5592 (1).jpeg
Violet Skies

Skylar H. (Age 12)
Turtle in the Ocean

Rithvika C. (Age  6)
Jiu Zhai Valley.jpg
Jiu Zhai Valley

Emily M. (Age 12)
Chipping Sparrow.jpg
Chipping Sparrow

Amy M. (Age 16) 
Two Cranes.jpg
Gems of the Forest

Avery P. (Age 14) 

Dream of big hills
and little valleys
Dream of tall mountains 
and small prairies
Dream of big birds flying 
and little birds chirping
Dream of waves crashing
and thunder roaring
Dream of palm trees swaying 
and spruce trees shaking
Dream of leaves falling
and pretty flowers rustling
Dream of big rocks 
and little stones
Dream of huge storms
and tiny earthquakes
Dream of nature
and beauty
that fills the air
and surrounds you    

A Dream of Nature 

Mikaela W. (Age 12)
Little Cherry Blossom Petals

Olivia L. (Age 12)

The warm and welcoming breeze,
The flowers bloom, then wilt, then bloom again,
The spring chirping of chicks in cherry blossom trees,
The sweet summer call of fruit ready for picking,
The long walks in fall, surrounded by golden-brown leaves,
The half-bare trees with a fresh coat of snow,
The never-ending cycle,
The loud, the quiet, the short, the tall,
All creatures are welcome in nature,
The repeating days of nature. 

Nature's Beauty

Velvizhi S. (Age 10)
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