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2022 Winners Gallery

The Sleeping Fox
Haille K. (Age 8)
James W. (Age 7)
juvenile bald eagle in flight.jpg
Juvenile Bald Eagle in Flight
Anvitha B. (Age 15)
Emily M. (Age 11)
The adventurous day
Denzel C. (Age 15)
Dana Chung.jpg
Beauty of Atlantic Blue Marlin
Dana C. (Age 14)
Rabbit Trails
Sage K. (Age 11)

I look at the trees and I’m reminded of you. Of what we had. And what I missed. I’m reminded of the walks we didn’t get. The seasons passing without you. I’m reminded that for others May is the month of blossoms. But for me, May is the time for tears. The trees are a constant reminder that you’re gone. They’re a reminder of what I had, and what I lost. I’ll look at the trees in September, And I’ll remember what I missed. I’ll look at the trees in the summer, and remember the times at the beach. And I’ll look at the trees in the winter, and remember the midnight walks in the snow. Oh, how the trees are a constant reminder of what I had and what I lost."

King of the Rock.jpg
King of the Rock
Bella A. (Age 16)
IMG-0025 (1).jpg
Danica H. (Age 13)
20170710_184014 (1).png
Abbi K. (Age 15)
Squirrel (1).png
The Winter Squirrel
Madyson L. (Age 8)
Ocean Crab
Makenna M. (Age 4)

Beating wings above, The tiny flier spots his reflection against the cool autumn water. Dipping down, the light breeze blows dandelion seeds across his back, rippling the surface below. He spots a branch, just past the small hill where water flows over the pebbles, rest little bird for your journey south awaits.

A bird's Eye View
Loren W. (Age 13) 

Spring is here, and it’s cold, but it’s not winter. Spring has beautiful different flowers The bees pollen them to make honey The beautiful flowers are special, and they make a rainbow They dance when the wind blows. Frogs come out in the Spring and hang out Lots of baby frogs are born and grow fast They swim around in the day with their friends At night they talk to each other with ribits, it’s music to the earth.

Frogs & Flowers
Faith A. (Age 5) 
The adventurous day
Denzel C. (Age 15)
Payton W. (Age 16) 
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