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2021 Winners Gallery

Though for just a bird you can see almost anywhere and everywhere I wish I could watch them more. It reminds me of a rose petal that just fell from the bush and grew wings taking off in flight.It's hard to miss them flying by and there's no mistaking them for another bird. Their narrow wings, long tail feathers, Fluffed chest and angled head, The black ringed eyes and red pointed beak make them one of my most beloved birds. The Cardinal Is truly an amazing bird whose songs remind me of a repeated melody.The male has my favorite feathering. Though the females feathers remind me of staying home watching the snowfall drinking hot chocolate with the warm smell of cinnamon circling the house. This year I'm planning on getting bird feeders so I can watch them from my deck and take pictures. Whenever I see a cardinal the first thing that comes to mind is the choir song "The Holly And The Ivy" The reason for that is because I see The Cardinal as a peaceful bird sitting in a tree branch as the wind sways it to the through.A Cardinal has a wingspan up to 10-12 inches which is roughly the size of a bowling pin. To conclude, a Cardinal is my favorite bird no matter what mood I'm in that day, seeing one will always make me smile.

Deep Breathes.jpg
Deep Breathes 
Caleb H. (Age 17)
Yellow swallowtail
Catherine K. (Age 18)

Wanna Share_.jpg
Wanna Share?
Alyssa H. (Age 13)
Precious Pollinator - Violet H..jpg
Precious pollinator 
Violet H. (Age 7)
Nature Friends
Maya S. (Age 6) 
Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg
Safe Place in the Eye of the Storm
Penelope S. (Age 17)

Yurun Jiang.jpg
Deep in the ocean
Yurun J. (Age 11)
Chloe C. (Age 13)
The Staring Owl.jpeg
The Staring Owl
Ivan Z. (Age 9)
Feel the beauty (Video & Music Winner)
Harshita J. (Age 13)

Precious gift we got from nature. Beautiful Jungles and its creature. Ocean waves are so musical like a symphony. Mountains and birds stay in harmony. We all share this beautiful land with all the resources. Isn't our responsibility not to play with these forces. Trees, jungles, flowers and rivers, Much more valuable than silver. Some people show care, While some are just unaware. During this pandemic nature was magnetic. Only place that gave motivation in isolation. Angelic wings of butterflies and Fantastic chirp of birds, Gave new imagination to get up and get in motion. Let's join hands in healing the nature. Feel the urge to protect future . Clean the trails and reduce the waste. Plant some trees and flowers without haste. Earth has a magic that enthralls. Helping helps the earth not fall. Come on, come on let's not be in haste. To care, to dispose and to recycle our waste. Show love and care to lovely forest friends. Enjoy the natures extraordinary trends.

Feel and heal
Tanya H. (Age 9) 
Colorful Horizons.jpg
Colourful Horizons
Anvitha B. (Age 15)
Northern Leopard Tree Frog.jpg
Northern Leopard Frog
Eliana G. (Age 12)
The Blue Ridge Mountains.jpg
The Blue Ridge Mountains
Natalia C.  (Age 14)
Baby duck's First Walk - Karyssa K.jpg
Baby Duck's First Walk
Karyssa K. (Age 6) 
Courtney J. (Age 15)
Jane F. (Age 15)
Lone Wolf
Alicia Z. (Age 13)
Beautiful Ladybug
Hallie K. (Age 7) 
Marvellous Monarch
Vedika K. (Age 8)

The beach sounds like water crashing. It feels like sand and water. It smells like fresh air. It tastes like salt. The beach looks like vanilla ice cream with dots.

The Beach
Elliot M. (Age 6) 

The squirrel is brown And has a bushy tail. It lives in a tree And struts down the trail. It hides seeds in the ground To keep for winter’s hours. But until then, he goes out And hops among the flowers.

The Squirrel 
Bailey M. (Age 8)

The trees sway to the rhythm of the wind, The robins chirp softly to their young, The frogs croak deeply on the lilies, The occasional jump in and out of the water from the fish, The pink and yellow tulips send off wafts of sweet smells, The bees zip around happily in the air, While I watch, Listen, Aching for a summer I know and love

Mayhew K. (Age 12)

The sparkling blue Sea is my friend He washes and foams waiting for me To dip my feet into his waters To sing a cheerful song as I haul up my nets The sparkling blue Sea whispers Of lands far across his waters Of coral reefs and rainbows under the sea His white-washed hands beckon to me To dive under the sparkling blue Sea When midnight comes, my Sea turns indigo And waits for me to give me a light show He tells the bioluminescence "Shine shine" the sparkling blue Sea doesn't just belong to me The children slap their rough hands across his face They sweep trash and sand into his arms His blue turns brown His eyes dim But I love the Sea I love the Sea I tell him stories of blue blue water Clear to the bottom, see through like glass He sighs and whispers Wanting to be one of them But my Sea never get angry His hurricanes are his tears His tsunamis are his waving hands that stretched too high So many people hate the Sea They don't understand that he forgives them for Turning his blue to brown But I still love my Sea

The Sparkling Blue Sea
Elizabeth Y. (Age 12)
The Sparkling Blue Sea
Elizabeth Y. (Age 12)
The cardinal
Bailey H. (Age 13)

The morning sky was bright and sunny. Blossoms flowered out of luscious green leaves. Early birds chirped and whistled making a wonderful tune. Painting the sunrise with with wonderful colors of red, orange, yellow and pink, wondering why is the sky so mesmerizing? Dewdrops are scattered in the grass giving it a shiny look. Flowers open up to a new day. There are so many things in nature, that's why it can be so IRRISITABLE.

Natures lover
Zaakira M.(Age 15)

The dawn breaks A new day begins Birds begin to chirp and tweet The breeze passes through the trees leaves Making them sway ever so gently Dewdrops roll off of the grass as the sun rises Bees begin their light buzzing As they fructify the blooming buds The trees halt their gentle swaying to an unknown force The bees fly back to the hive The birds flock to the trees The blistering sun is covered by gloomy clouds Rain begins to fall The thunder makes everything cower away This was the end of that new day

Silent fishes swirl from soft seaweed Crashing into a brightly coloured coral Dripping hues of blushing pinks, violent yellows, electric purples. Bubbles float, popping on the surfaced top Glowing jellyfish tango, twisting through the dark salted waters. Seagulls cackle above, trailing the honeyed moonbeams Whistling to the sea foam, drizzled with glitter And crystallized dragonflies buzz, wings turning iced. The wind with a mind of a storm Leaving wrinkles, ripples, twisters To bounce off passing pufferfish Playfully chasing the silent fishes Who dart into spiked reefs Praying for safety Over the blanket of starlight. But to the mere-minded, Mortals without a vision, The ocean is simply salt water.

Silent Fishes
Coreana C. (Age 16)
Lilly M.(Age 15)
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