2020 Winners Gallery

Anvitha B. (Age 15)
Lucky Bunny
Anna B. (Age 11) 
Lucy W.(Age 6)
Lillian W.  (Age 12)
Autumn Air
Maggie L. (Age 17)
Rabbit Trails
Sage K. (Age 11)
Mikhail S. (Age 11)
Evelyn K. (Age 14)
Owl in the Midnight
Arianna B. (Age 8)
Wildfire & Recovery (Video & Music Winner)
Lydia V. (Age 18)
Lydia T. (Age 17)
Chipmunk On A Log
Etta C. (Age 9) 
Slow as a Slug
Evin G. (Age 10)
White Orchid
Nirali S. (Age 9) 
Cassandra S. (Age 16)
Carolyn J.(Age 9)
Strong Bond
Soyoung H. (Age 15)
Salem T. (Age 14)
Bee on a flower (Nova Scotia Winner)
Quleanja L.(Age 14)

Freedom is the emerald green of west coast trees,
the shining eyes of an old friend;

Freedom is bare feet and a tickle trunk;

It is hair laced with wildflowers and
berries trailing from purple fingers;
freedom gets hold of your hand 
and pulls like the ocean.

Freedom is flying without knowing where
and building sandcastles until the sun sets.
It is running faster than time and
sitting so high in a tree the stars get stuck in 
your hopelessly messy hair.

Freedom is giving everyone a crown and a cape because
we’re all royalty 
we’re all heroes
we're all free 
when we’re in the forest of emerald green.

Zaira W. (Age 16)

Under twinkling lights from above
The ocean is calm and peaceful
But under the ocean is dark and dreary
no light to shine the way
A faint glow shows
stronger and stronger
Until a steady light shines
Able to rival the stars with its beauty
A magical scene
Controlled by Luciferin
Soft glow
Warm glow
A path to light the way
Bobbing jellyfish
Dance with tentacles
A night show
Bright show
Waves upon waves
Neon blue, emerald green
rise up and on the shore
People laugh and people play
With the sky in the ocean
No longer dark
or ominous
But filled with life

Blue is like the sky,
Blue is like the sea,
As the wind blows by,
My body feels so free!

Blue, Blue, Blue!
Evelyn F. (Age 6)
The Fireflies Under the Ocean
Elizabeth Y. (Age 11)




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