Winners Gallery

Blooming Bliss
James W.  (Age 19 )
King of the Clouds
Charlotte S. (Age 16) 
Dennis K. (Age 16)
World of Beatrix Potter
Fatima M. (Age 17)
Spirit Bear Roaming
Ashley H. (Age 14)
Courtney F. (Age 8)
Sarah J. (Age 11)
Sitara M. (Age 12)
Woken by a woodpecker
Kate P. (Age 11)
Blue Flag Irises
Quleanja L. (Age 14)

little Tree
I see you outside
looking so happy and free.
Wiggle your roots deep into the Earth.
Feel the warm sun on your young leaves!
Rustle your leaves, sway in the wind
Look at the birds soaring above.
Reach high, little Tree!
Feel the joy
Soon, little tree
You’ll be big like me!

Tree Wisdom
Christelinda L. (Age 18)
Catch of the Day
Christina X.  (Age 16)
Montana Moose
Kiana R. (Age 19) 
Through the Eyes of a Raindrop
Abby G. (Age 16)
World Upside Down
Awak M. (Age 6) 
Wanting Y. (Age 10)
Rita C. (Age 11)
Aged with the Ocean
Megan H. (Age 16)
Bear by the river 
Adam L. (Age 8)
The Waiting Game
Candy Z. (Age 9)
Glacial Lakes in Banff National Park
Abhay R. (Age 16)

Here comes Lady Autumn, who grants bountiful harvests for all. Adorned in a gown of fire and smelling of smoked applewood and sweet pumpkin spice, she treads as gently as a sloping river over the fallen leaves.

Here Comes Lady Autumn
Vivian Z. (Age 15)

Concrete World

The concrete world today, 
A gargantuan creation of man
Surely expanding day by day, 
All part of a decided plan. 

Nature replaced with stone, 
The stars blocked out by lights, 
Perhaps we may not ever atone
For violating the constellated nights. 

Birds are as if behind bars, 
Their territory demeaned
Chirps replaced with horns of cars, 
A blaringly obnoxious scene.

Homes replace the grass and trees 
A new habitat for man, 
We do not heed Mother Nature’s pleas,
Although we clearly can. 

The weather beaten dirt, 
Covered by asphalt, 
Perhaps if more alert, 
We may finally halt. 

A wasteland of rock
Devouring grassy plains, 
If the environment could talk, 
It would lament over its remains. 

Humans have created this concrete world
At the expense of our natural wonders,
Soon the result will become unfurled,
And reveal our enormous blunders. 

Concrete World
Om B. (Age 13)
Red-y for Love
Paulina L. (Age 18)
The Cozumel Turtle
Sydney R. (Age 16)
John D. (Age 11)
Lakeside Bliss
Ria P. (Age 16)
A Nurturing Embrace
Xinyi Christine Z. (Age 14)




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