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"People in industrialized countries may be losing their connection with nature. The Get to Know Program (Get to Know) is a multi-faceted program aimed at encouraging direct connection with nature through a variety of activities (observations of wildlife, hiking, creative arts, and special events), specifically among youth. Three studies assessed the effects of three Get to Know program activities on youth’s implicit connectedness with nature (measured using a computer based game). Participants were youth recruited from southern California schools or youth organizations.



Participation in the Get to Know Program’s Creative Arts Contest was associated with increased implicit connectedness with nature." - Dr. Pat Winter, Environmental Education Research Journal. 

Research shows that time spent outdoors offers a wide variety of physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and scholastic benefits for youth. Here you will find information about how art, technology, and outdoor activity intersect and affect the next generation.

The Get to Know Program constantly adapts and enhances our programs in response to current research from across the health and social science fields. We also work directly with leading researchers to conduct on-going formal evaluation of our initiatives, in order to ensure that we are providing young people with effective opportunities to build strong, meaningful personal connections to nature and their neighbours of other species.

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